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Content solutions for small business  – helping your stay visible online. Services include content for your website whether it’s a new or existing website, and email marketing and, campaign management.

The Purpose of a Website

Having a website is a vital asset for your business. Like your shop, office, or workspace, the main objective is to invite new and existing clients to not only buy from you but to come back, time after time.

My job as a copywriter is to find and use words in such a way that your website becomes another sales tool so that visitors engage and respond to your products or services. I also consider the user experience UX  when planning and writing content to give the user every reason to stay, buy, or signup.

This is simply customer service on your website. Make it easy for your visitors!


Call to Action

The first place a person goes when they are ready to buy is to your website and social media channels. So, having content that leads them to a ‘call to action’ is vital to gain that sale, whether online or instore. A call to action is linked to you meeting a need of that person, and your business goals. ‘What’s in it for them,’ the benefit. Address that need, and you have a sale.


 Feature v’s Benefit – ‘What’s in it for me’ is how people think when they are ready to buy. Showing the benefits speaks to this pre-purchase state.  Another way at looking at it is – what is your customers’ pain points and how do your products and services give them a solution?

An example might be Toothpaste – the features are the ingredients, the green or white gunk that you squeeze onto your toothbrush
to clean your teeth. 
The benefit is, it helps prevent tooth decay, makes your teeth look white, and gives you a fresh breath.

Some of the top reasons people might buy toothpaste are to, prevent embarrassment – no one wants bad breath. To have peace of mind – by using the product they are less likely to have a rush trip to the dentist.

Here is another example of Feature v’s Benefit  Your Website –  the features are the content, the navigation, the pop-up, and the images, that help share the story about your business whenever someone comes to visit your website. The benefit is what you have to offer that solves a problem for your visitors. It could be a newsletter that helps with ways to market to their customers, a simple way to make vegan lasagna. Or how hiring a copywriter (that’s me)  who will help convert visitors to customers using persuasive words that lead to action, a sale, and ultimately a long term valued client.

 Producing copy that highlights the benefits ‘What’s in it for me’ about the products and services you have to offer along with an image will gain a greater response and far more sales.

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Customer Service

Our aim at Copywrite Solutions is to enhance your visiblity online to ensure your website is working for you 



“Wendy’s understanding of our client’s needs is always professionally handled no matter the topic. Reliable and fast, Wendy delivers quality copywriting which exceeds our client’s expectations.”
Phiranno Chuon – Creative Direction Phiranno Designs