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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of many aspect that needs to be consider in your overall marketing campaign. It also needs to be strategic, and include relevant information to capture the readers attention.

My services include

  • An email strategy plan aligns with your marketing strategy and is where we work together forming ideas for content to ensure the message, branding, and tone are consistent. We look at delivery timing and monitoring, to gauge the response of your clients.
  • Compile and write content for your email campaign includes a series of emails that aligns with your message, builds on your story, and gives your clients the opportunity to buy. Choosing the correct words and being mindful of ‘what’s in it for me’ is vital in getting the results you want.

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           Three Things to Consider

  • Your Branding must be present and consistent across all your marketing efforts. This includes colour, logo, font choice, and most importantly your message.
  • Your Message relates back to your marketing strategy and every newletter must have a purpose. That purpose might be to eductate, inform, and let your clients know about a new product or service. Providing useful information helps in the buyers journey, but ultimately the goals is to build a tribe that know, like, and trust you.
  • Your Offer has to meet a need. It should show the solution to a promblem. Stand in your client’s shoes and offer them exactly what they need, you and your produts and services.
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Email Marketing Can Build Your Tribe

Developing a series of emails that educate, entertain or enlighten without seeming like selling is a great start in building trust and a loyal client. So, when you do sell to your audience they are more likely to buy. 

One thing I see all to often when I signup for a newsletter my inbox is bombarded. All I wanted was some information but what I get is daily emails that don’t do anthing but annoy me.

Consistency is key when building a tribe so a monthly or fortnightly newsletter packed with useful information is a great way to keep in touch with clients and build trust.