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Copywriting for Websites

Consider your website to be one of your sales tools. The copy on your website should use keywords and phrases that tell your story and leads to connecting you and your brand to your target audience. 

My services include

  • A website content strategy plan – this is where we work together across the pages on your website to ensure the message, branding, and tone are consistent, compile a list of keywords and phrases, and discuss the content needed for each page.
  • Writing content for new websites  – I aim to use as little words as possible to ensure your message stays on target to attract visitors through the buying cycle. So, word selection is crucial to attract, persuade, and give visitors a reason to act. Part of your storytelling should include images, I can help sources them if required.
  • Refreshing your tired and out of date website – is the information on your website still relevant and up to date?  An audit of your website can make all the difference to your bottom line. Some things to consider are internal and external links, buttons for CTA and social media, offers, the user experience, and the message, etc. The most important thing to do is to ask yourself, what do I want my website visitors to do. I send you a report on what I believe needs updating and we can then plan out your content strategy.
  • Adding a regular blog or articles to your website that speaks to your tribe – do you add regular content to your website? This can certainly help to draw potential clients to your website and draw them through the buyer’s journey.  I can write a series of blog articles that deliver your message and branding.

Content For Your Website

How often do you look at your own website? Adding fresh content that is engaging and relevant to your ideal client is a must for any small business to grow. Some websites have way too much information on them, and this pollutes the message you are trying to get across.

      Consider a self-audit on your website with these 5 things in mind

  • Is the content on each page up to date (has what you offer changed?)
  • Is the content relevant and does it connect back to your business goals?
  • Does the content show a solution to your ideal client’s pain point or problem?
  • Have you added a CTA (call to action) in the right places on your pages?
  • Does it show your point of difference?
Content for small business

Write Engaging Content

Engaging content is key to moving a website visitor through the sales funnel and becoming a loyal customer who knows, likes and trusts you.

So, how do you write engaging content?

Consider this. There’s a limit on the amount of content we’re willing to consume. What engaging content does, is it changes your reader. What does that change mean to your business? Well, several things. It could mean a new subscriber, a sale of your products or services. It could mean an inquiry or a shift in attitude from indifferent to connection.

I’m a believer in getting straight to the point. Fluffing around will lose engagement, and besides giving out too much information tends to move away from the focus – solving a problem for your ideal client.